Liberati Client ‘Avalon Village’ Goes Viral

A sustainable eco-village in the heart of Detroit brought on #TeamLiberati to help them reach a broader audience as they shoot for a nearly quarter-million dollar Kickstarter goal. We used a combination of grassroots bottom-up buzz (social media, email marketing, text message loops, community dinners and old-fashioned flyering) combined with sophisticated PR (press wrangling, leveraging online buzz for radio and TV placements, and blogger outreach).

The result: over 40,000 unique visits to their site in just three weeks, and over $120,000 in pledges! We also worked to sculpt a media narrative of one woman’s resilience in the face of adversity, and our client’s story was picked up by local news that carried it national:

It remains to be seen whether she’ll reach her goal, but we believe she will! In addition to communications consulting, we brought in our smartest minds in fundraising to help leverage larger donors to bring more small donors on-board (over 850 so far!) with matching donation offers.

Keep an eye on The Avalon Village in these next couple of days!…