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Justin Wedes, Founder & CEO, Liberati Group LLCLet me personally welcome you to our totally revamped website! My name is Justin Wedes, Founder & CEO of The Liberati Group.  Our team has been hard at work giving ourselves a digital makeover, and we’re excited to step out into the light. So let us introduce ourselves to you:

We are a diverse and energized team of creatives with a combined 60+ years of PR/marketing, design, social media and entrepreneurial experience.

We are passionate about amplifying the small voices: the underdogs, small businesses, community organizations, insurgent brands and companies with a message to share.

What Do We Do?

Over the last few months, we’ve built our practice from a rag-tag, fly-by-night operation into a veritable PR and media consulting firm. We focus on providing solid, reliable service in close collaboration with your team. Here’s a few of the services we offer:

Services Offered

Here’s just a few of our recent projects:

  • In April, 2015 we partnered with a startup social media company to build a grassroots recruitment campaign to bring thousands of new users to their site.
  • That same month, we partnered with a U.N.-affiliated foundation for an in-depth Digital Media Training to upgrade their office skills
  • That same foundation is partnering with us to build and market a global platform to visualize trends in political participation and protest.
  • In June, we teamed up with a local Detroit community center to design and launch a crowdfunding campaign to fund the purchase and renovation of an abandoned city elementary school for the local community.
  • That same month, we organized and promoted a community cleanup campaign with Detroit Workers & Builders that brought out over 125 volunteers.
  • In July, we built a social media marketing campaign for a environmentally-conscious music label.
  • In August, we promoted an indie moving screening of a new film ‘A Dangerous Game’ by Montrose Pictures followed by an interactive Q&A session with the filmmaker.
  • That same month, we created a viral social media campaign to promote another Montrose Pictures film that garnered thousands of shares and nearly 1,000 email captures in less than 24 hours.
  • We planned and led an alternative Detroit guided tour for social justice activists (touractivism?) visiting the Motor City.

What’s Next

Until now, we’ve garnered clients from word of mouth alone. Today, we’re opening up our services to the larger community of small businesses and organizations in the metro Detroit area and beyond. We want to work with burgeoning restaurants, cafes, food co-ops, yoga studios, community advocacy organizations, local governments, you name it!

Do you own or know of a business that could use a social media makeover? A viral email marketing campaign? A website redesign? Get in touch with us and let’s work together!

Towards a world where small, clear voices can pierce the noise of everyday life,


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Justin Wedes

CEO & Founder

Liberati Group LLC